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Found 2 results

  1. Murderaxe

    Fire Breather

    Version 5.0


    SUPER EARLY WIP - PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND - THIS IS A LARGE MAP - 1x HMV - THERE WILL BE RUNNING INVOLVED - As the Bots can see from across the map, you will more than likely be suppressed from a long distance. Run from cover to cover and do not stay put in one area for too long or you will die. This map is intended mainly with Multiplayer in mind. I will be adding buildings at capture points eventually. Use the trees and elevated terrain as cover as you move up to the objective points. I will be posting updates on a nightly basis, keep a lookout. This map is mainly to test out procedurally generated methods for terrain, textures, and foliage. Current grass foliage was painted but will be reworked to be procedurally generated like the rest of the map currently is. Some of the terrain was reworked for playability and buildings. [INSTALLATION GUIDE] Create a Mods folder in your root Harshdoorstop/harshdoorstop folder. Create a FireBreather folder in your Mods folder. Extract zip files to FireBreather folder located in the Mods folder. Correct file path should read harshdoorstop/harshdoorstop/Mods/FireBreather [HOW TO PLAY] Launch Operation Harsh Doorstop From the SP menu, you should be able to see the newly installed Mod and make adjustments to the Factions and Bot count to your liking. [EXTRA CONTROLS] Press, "C" to change camera modes while in the HMV. Press, "MMB" (Middle Mouse Button) to shoot the MG. [CURRENT BUGS] If you die while in the HMV, your camera will stay locked to 180 degrees or you will spawn, falling through the map. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to restart the level. Launch the console and type, "RestartLevel" to fix this issue temporarily.
  2. MtnMCG

    Lost Dunes

    Version 1.0.0


    Lost Dunes is a beautiful oasis, full of dead bodies and blood filled water, take out your enemies in this high and dry climate (recommended 64 v 64, 200 tickets, and you might wanna change the default ops) mapname: Lost_Dunes (should show up in singleplayer)
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Unfortunately hosting a website that allows users to upload their own files is expensive. This can cost us hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars depending on how many people are visiting the site, uploading files, and downloading files. In order to make sure this website is never pulling funds away from the development of Operation: Harsh Doorstop, we wanted to ensure that it would always be financially self sufficient. Hence why advertisements are placed here. This way no matter how many people visit our website, it will always pay for itself. Thanks so much for supporting Operation: Harsh doorstop, and thank you for enabling advertisements on this website!

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