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Found 14 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    After more than a few headaches, I offer up this, the first version of the Zombie Survival mode on my map Operation: Hooverville. Features include exploding barrels, a flashlight that can be toggled by pressing "T" (not currently changeable) and the ability to change firemode by pressing "X" (also not changeable). There are tons of hidden weapons and pickups as well as a weapon progression based on the color of the weapon. Zombies gain health with each wave, so you'll want to upgrade as fast as possible. Green weapons are the weakest, followed by Red and Tan. Blue is best and unlocked last, but there might some even better stuff hidden somewhere... As you damage zombies you earn points, which you'll need to open doors and buy ammo and upgraded weapons. To win, finish Wave 15 (not currently changeable). The default starting tickets are set at 8, and can be increased from the main menu if you choose. Die and respawn too many times, you'll run out of tickets and lose. Basic testing showed that it is possible to choose a faction other than the default, but their loadouts will not be available, and it's unknown if it can cause other problems. It is not recommended to change the default factions. Finally, the last three zombies of each wave will be marked with an icon. This is useful for both finding the last few in a each wave to progress and finding out if any zombies spawned in a weird place or fell through the map. Please feel free to hit me up about issues like that as well as any other constructive feedback you have in a comment here or you can find me on the OHD Discord. This mod's multiplayer features have not been tested or balanced. Epilepsy warning: map contains some flashing light fixtures and fires. I made the map and some tweaks to the game mode, but all credit for the original zombie mod goes to Miha Prezelj, and the original files can be found here if you'd like to make your own version of this mode: https://github.com/MihaPrezelj/ZombieSurvival Also, big thank you to the other modders in the Discord for your patience and generosity! Have fun!
  2. Version 1.4


    About: This is the first map created for Operation: Reaper, a full Seal Team modification for the game Operation: Harsh Doorstop. To leave feedback and give suggestions, or just follow development of the mod itself, join the discord: https://discord.gg/Ws6vws3f. Installation: Download the mod. Just export the zip into steamapps\common\Harsh Doorstop Playtest\HarshDoorstop\Mods (create a mod folder if you don't already have one). You should then have: HarshDoorstop\Mods\OperationReaper. Open the console in-game and type "Open compoundnight". Recommended bot amount: 32. To enable NVG's press T. End Note: Thanks for downloading the map! We hope to also create a custom mini-map and completely decorate the interiors. For the Operation: Reaper mod itself, we have a bunch planned, so join the discord and get involved!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    (NOTE: Although this map is fully functional, it is a work in progress. I will be adding upon and improving it over time.) Engage in firefights in a dark cave system, in either Advance and Secure or Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure game modes. Also has partial cave reverb sounds. Works great with NAVY SEALS faction mod (flashlights and glowsticks) in the VBSS game mode. Let me know what you think and what to improve! TO INSTALL: Just download the zip file and extract it into a folder named "Caves" in your OHD Multiplayer Test mods folder (Usually in Steam directory). TO PLAY: Map should be visible in the AAS and VBSS game mode map lists.
  4. Icy

    Foy (1.3.0 Update)

    Version 1.3.1


    A small map that I have been working on for a bit of time (AKA 2-3 weeks) Also why so little custom WW2 map You have to open the map trough the console because I am having problem making it accessible on the map menu (It's literally is impossible to make it access the map menu) Map Name: Foy This is still WIP and I will continue to update it with time This is now pretty much done but maybe in the future i will comeback and add more to this map Later with time a faction will be added for the German and maybe one for the US No more faction for you
  5. Coiledboat


    Version 1.0.1


    Normandy fields with an unnamed town where both teams fight for control of the town.
  6. Eddcast

    Sawtalo Sar

    Version 0.1.2


    1kmx1km Afghanistan rocky mountain forest with cliffs. Foliage will be more dense whenever the AI bots get the ability to not see through foliage, or else it won't be fun for people playing on the single player demo. Very loosely based on the real Sawtalo Sar Mountain in Korengal Valley, where Operation Red Wings took place in 2005 (Depicted in Lone Survivor). PMCs vs Insurgents are the default factions. PMCs are defending and the Insurgents are pushing them down the mountain and off the cliffs. More routes will come later. Drag zip file in the Mods folder you create in your HarshDoorstop folder. Unzip it into its own Sawtalo folder.
  7. Version 1.1.2


    I'm not taking this too seriously, so please be gentle. I hope you enjoy the map! There aren't too many QCQ maps you can just drop right into and fight yet so I figured this one would fill that gap until I'm outdone by better modders. So far it feels like a pretty good Run and Gun map. I'd recommend pairing this mod with WarriorJ's Phoenix Connection and Mogadishu Milita. I've had a lot of fun testing this and it's gotten pretty epic when these two factions go head-to-head on this map. Let me know if you run into anything strange. Otherwise, Have fun! Here's a link to WarriorJ's Phoenix Connection: And Here's a Link to WarriorJ's Mogadishu Militia: Check out the gameplay below!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    A backyard sandbox becomes a battlefield! The conflict zone includes a swamp, a beach front village, and a network of trenches, all of which are part of four Advance and Secure routes in both day and night variants. This map is meant to be played with Plastic Factions, but is also perfect for those who want play "Honey, I Shrunk the Special Forces!" Please feel free to leave any feedback either on this page or find me on the OHD discord. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Take part in the epic battle to control a city of blocks! Two teams assault a sprawling town through 8 different possible routes in both day and night settings. This map is designed to be played with Plastic Factions, but is not required, and currently only supports Advance and Secure modes at launch (with support for more in the works). Default ticket count is 250 for longer battles. This is only my second map, and while I'm very proud of the end result, I'm sure it needs some optimization and I welcome any feedback. Fastest way to find me is on the OHD discord. Epilepsy Warning: The night variant does have some flickering lamps and fires.
  10. Version 1.2.0


    this mod adds the map "Rust" from COD
  11. Version 1.1


    Two teams battle for control of a desk filled with toys and wooden blocks. Three routes pass through two forts and one of three bridges that span a treacherously high chasm--watch your step! This map is compatible with Advance and Secure game modes, and is specifically designed to be played with the Plastic Army factions, but will function without them. This is my first attempt at a map, and it was designed on a low-to-mid tier machine. It runs pretty smoothly on my PC, so I hope it will run well on other computers. Please feel free to give me feedback so I can try to address issues.
  12. MtnMCG

    Lost Dunes

    Version 1.0.0


    Lost Dunes is a beautiful oasis, full of dead bodies and blood filled water, take out your enemies in this high and dry climate (recommended 64 v 64, 200 tickets, and you might wanna change the default ops) mapname: Lost_Dunes (should show up in singleplayer)
  13. MtnMCG


    Version 1.2.0


    this mod adds the map 2_forts_small_MtnMCG to the game, a small cqc AAS map, designed best to play with 16 players (8 per team) the map should show up under single player but the name for the open command is "2_forts_small_MtnMCG"
  14. Mr_Banana1080

    Woods Map

    Version 1.0.0


    Woods map for OHD. Photos aren't that great; I don't have the best graphics. Made with photo realist materials and foliage. Basic advance and secure. Use---- CJ_Woods_Map ---- to open. Any issues, feel free to comment.
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