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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This mod puts all weapons within the base game into a single faction. There are a total of 54 different guns/ kits, some are just different variations of a gun. Some of the guns seem to be under development, such as no sounds when reloading and no case ejections. Sometimes takes a while to load into a game due to all the guns If I missed any guns, please let me now. Show up in faction menu as "PMC ALL" and "INS ALL". (Two for sake of different team tags and looks)
  2. Version 1.1.2


    **Make sure you extract to a folder called "Spartan_faction" in your Mods folder** "Derelict" can be accessed by typing "open Halo_valley" in the console A conversion mod brining in elements of the HALO universe to Operation: Harshdoorstop. This is very early in development and I am extremely new to modding video games ( about a week or so of experience) it needs some good polish but id like to get it out to you to play with while I continue working on it. there are a few guns already in as well as 4 factions and I plan to add much more in the future, as well as a lore appropriate Opfor faction eventually. Please feel free to comment or message me with any feedback or suggestions!. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Version 1.0.7


    Having established a reputation for killing anyone that gets in their way, the Phoenix Faction is one of the most feared terrorist groups in Eastern Europe. They formed shortly after the breakup of the USSR. The Phoenix Connexion from Counter-Strike lore, with an OH:D twist and modern elements. New 3P and 1P player models for each class Adds FNFAL, CAR-15, AKS74U, Galil ARMS, Sig p229, Desert Eagle, GSG1, Tec-9, L96A1 and a silenced MAC10. New OKP-7 scopes added to Squad Leader AK74 and Ak74U. New Red Dot sights added to Rifleman and Medic AK47. Russian voice overs for bots and general Russian/Insurgent loadouts. Extract .pak file to(../HarshDoorStop/Mods/PhoenixConnexion)To load faction on custom maps include this string in your console command BP_HDFactionInfo_ThePhoenix If you like this mod and would like to support it's creator, consider donating at https://www.paypal.me/WarriorJx Join the discord for my mods @ https://discord.gg/A9dWzAnYDw All assets are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). MAC10-M by UnFy KilianZ Delta CAR-15 by Hung Do Sig Sauer P229 LEGION by NanouJune OKP-7 Reflex Sight by Minte Elseviers Military Boot low poly by Gulgolet Wilt Bomber Jacket by abbyrobb1417 Winter Hat by StubbornFunkyDonkey Canada Goose Jacket by Michelle Guerrero FPS arms throwing by DJMaesen Game Res US Army Jacket by brand_onart Leather Jacket (Final) by Mika060011 Wolverine Work Boot by inciprocal Backpack by Liz Edwards .308 Rounds by OcTv Leapers UTG (MNT-973) by Yksnawel FPS Red Dot Sight by Michael Makivic Desert Eagle by wallon Hk G3 Rifle by Ulrik Langvandsbråten Tec-9 model by Diamonddogkz Tec-9 textures and animations by Anders Tec-9 sounds by YungPr1nce
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