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Found 4 results

  1. Version v1


    In a desert, far... far away... a Russian force is taking over an insurgent held village. Who will you side with? Open console and type: open aas_desertwarzone *This map has not been optimised. You may experience performance issues when playing.
  2. Murderaxe


    Version 1.0


    Combat through the Dunes and take over the enemy base! (Single Player MOD - HMV's do not work in MP) This map is mainly to support vehicle gameplay mods. I have included 2x modified HMV's on each team as the default vehicles for the time being. Enjoy! 👊 [INSTALL] Create a Mods folder in your root Harshdoorstop>Harshdoorstop folder. Create a new folder for the mod named Dunes in the Harshdoorstop>Harshdoorstop>Mods folder. Install Dunes mod to Harshdoorstop>Harshdoorstop>Mods>Dunes folder. [HOW TO PLAY] Launch OHD. Select Single Player and look for Dunes in the drop down list for AAS game type. Set your Factions and Bot Amount. Select, Play. [VEHICLE INFO] Press C to change into MG view Press Middle Mouse Button to shoot while in MG view. If you get stuck in the camera after dying in a vehicle, press, M and respawn.
  3. MtnMCG

    Lost Dunes

    Version 1.0.0


    Lost Dunes is a beautiful oasis, full of dead bodies and blood filled water, take out your enemies in this high and dry climate (recommended 64 v 64, 200 tickets, and you might wanna change the default ops) mapname: Lost_Dunes (should show up in singleplayer)
  4. Version v1


    Battle stations! The base is under attack! Fend of the opposing troops and secure the base before General Drake fires you! Open console and type: open AAS_MilitaryBase *This map has not been optimised. You may experience performance issues when playing.
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