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Detonation GameMode (package name TestMod) 1.0.0

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About This File

Prototype of a completely mod-based gamemode:

- full addon/mod gamemode "Detonation" in which each team must protect their ammo stashes and destroy the other teams
- first team to run out of ammo stashes looses (a stash is 1 ticket, no other ticket rule logic yet applies)
- the placed super-set of ammo stashes is randomly culled on map start until a set ammount left (i.e. to try change play each time)
- interactive devices (only ammo stash for now) that can be primed & defused using the standard interact key
- gamemode HUD "score" indicator that shares space dynamically with existing OHD HUD (top-right)
- HUD warning indicator/locator if friendly ammo stash has been primed
- custom minimap icon for each ammo stash (thanks Kaiz)
- minimap warning indicator if friendly ammo stash has been primed
- minimap zoom in/out around the cursor

Free placement of interactive objects (e.g. dynamite, included ghost placement UI) was experimented with, but was not in the end needed for this mod.  Code still included and active - use G key to place.

I aimed to make it multiplayer compatible from the off, but have not been able to test it extensively (e.g. on stand-alone headless server). Probably a few things to resolve in that area.

1) Unzip to mods folder as per any other mod

2) Run OHD

3) Using console load map "open TrainingGrounds-TestMod"

Known Bugs:

- Can arm/disarm (interact) through walls etc. yet as there is no ray-test to stop this

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