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Body Camera Mod 0.0.1

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About This File

Thank you for Dullae, Pooky, Rost, and WarriorJ for helping to create this mod. This is only the first version of this mod, and does not include some of the features (yet) such as the audio distortion, and some of the more exaggerated video effects that are still a WIP. To use this mod, install it, select the bodycam gamemode, select the very last USA (Cold War) duplicate faction, and then press C when you are in-game. Enjoy.


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the mod is so good i got motion sick 10/10 too much effects but still it's dope


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I really don't understand how to turn on this mod, I downloaded it then I need to unpack it somewhere? I just threw it on the desktop and opened some notepad in the last folder and don't understand what to do, how to play with it

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Really cool and unique mod. The one thing I will say is it's a little too blurry. But a cool first version

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