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USMC Modern and Advance Insurgency Factions DEMO (Project Rally) 1.0.0

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About This File

This new Demo mod for Project Rally adds 2 New factions with 5 new weapons ! (New map and more weapons like M249 will be added in the future)

This mod also adds to the Original Weapons in the game (That are Included in the Factions):

-Hardcore-like recoil system

-New Improved sounds (Cause base game sounds suck)

New weapons list:

-AK Warfighter

-AK Warfighter Scoped

-M4A1 Acog

M4A1 Grenadier (Holo sight)


Here is a Video showcasing all of the Weapons with advanced recoil and sounds in this mod:


Sounds credit:

-Insurgency Sandstorm


-Some sounds are also from real life


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It's cool, but it would be great if you can work on the marksman rifle of both factions. The scope on the marksman rifle seems dull and it doesn't seem to zoom on the target, it just dull. And if you could also do something about the dark edges.......but it still a great work🙌.spacer.png

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review, i have been working a couple of days ago on Reworking the Acog scope and the AK Scope as well has making a Map for the Faction it should come around Late September/Early October

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HO. LEE that is loud, I see what he meant lol. good mod tho I love the recoil system in play

Response from the author:

Thank you for the review

Gunshot will be Reworked soon and to be more realistic and less loud (The reason they were this loud is because the sound in the SDK is less loud than in game)

I will also rework the recoil system to be a bit more better and controllable

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the gunshots are way to loud and it seems like theres no range limit to them either,

other than that its alright

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review

I am currently trying to fix the problem with the gunshot sounds being too loud as in SDK they are bot as loud as in the game

The update with the fix should come in a couple of days (Maybe tomorrow)

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