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Plastic_Army 1.5

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About This File

Simple mod that adds 8 new playable factions in the drop-down menu: plastic soldiers in green, tan, red, blue, black, gray, crimson, and purple varieties! The perfect mod for folks like me who are nostalgic for the old Army Men games from the 90s (or people who think BluFor should be literal).  Classes are set up closer to Battlefield: Bad Company 2; Assault has ammo bags and rifles, Engineer has SMGs and launchers, Medic has LMGs and a medic bag, and Recon serves as sniper.  No kit restrictions, just pick a class melt some plastic.

New in version 1.1:

-Added the BAR to Red, Green, Tan, and Blue Armies.

-Added M4A1 with underbarrel M203 to Black Army.

-Added matching tracer colors and smoke grenades.

-Added stylized kit pickups that soldiers drop on death.

New in version 1.2:

-Added new plastic texture to all soldiers and kits

-Fixed class icons in spawn screen

-Changed the medic bag to one more appropriate

-Added a new game mode called "Plastic AAS" with new end-of-match music from Army Men 3D! (Not mine, all credit to 3D0, RIP)

-Added Gray faction that mirrors the Black PMC faction

-Added a new Crimson faction that uses Soviet-issue weapons (scopes on the SKS and SVD are not plastic colored in first person, nothing I could do about that)


Commands for server operators:

servertravel MapName?BluforFaction=BP_HDFactionInfo_Green?OpforFaction=BP_HDFactionInfo_Red

BP_HDFactionInfo_Gray BP_HDFactionInfo_Black BP_HDFactionInfo_Blue BP_HDFactionInfo_Green BP_HDFactionInfo_Red BP_HDFactionInfo_Tan BP_HDFactionInfo_Crimson

Edited by sgt.samples
Deleting old version, making sure all info matches

What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


In addition to fixing some sound effects and textures, and some kit re-balances:

-Added an 8th faction, Purple Army, which mirrors the Soviet-style Crimson Army.

-Added AK74 and DP28 to Crimson and Purple

-Added kit-specific drops that are marked with a class icon indicating what kit it contains.  The recon kit has a pair of binoculars, the medic has a first aid kit, engineer has a wrench, and assault has a collection of bullets.  Credit for the 3D model used as the assault class marking goes to Miha Prezelj and their zombie mod.



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