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OHD:KoTZ King of the Zone (KoTH inspired) (Dev logs / WIP / Not released) 0.11.8

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This page will only be Updated when a Playtest is planned, the mod will be updated before.
More frequent Devlog and video showcases :
Link to the discord Forum post

You can be warned when an update is uploaded, by clicking the "Follow" button at the top right of this mod's webpage.
I'm still working on it right now, posting updates on the discord, nothing clean to post in here,

Current task :
prototype for the Kit Customization before spawn
(and Selecting what weapon and what items to equip with the InventorySelect interface that shows up when using mousewheel)


This will serve as a Dev logs to share the progress.

Feel free to comment or ping me on OHD discord kaiz#1942

KotZ Dev Log

Now only posting updates there:

Link to the discord Forum post

Will post Patchnotes here before each releases



Edited by Kaiz

What's New in Version 0.11.8   See changelog


Version 0.11.6 :
        -On top of the KitPickup box, Show the best gun on the kit left by dead players , so you know from a distance if it's worth going for it.
        -More layers :
            KOTZ_Risala (practically the whole map) 60+ players
            KOTZ_Risala_LowerSuburbs 20 players
            KOTZ_Risala_Warehouses 10 Players
            No spawn delay, since the run distance is increase to get in the zone.
Version 0.11.7 :
        -Moved the Score widget away from on top of the compass and down near weapon status/mag.
        -Changed the style to fit OHD's and get away from the awful previous one (Not final, but will do for now)
        -Now hidden when opening deploy menu and Scoreboard.

Version 0.11.8 :
        -Fixed a few bug related to KitPickup

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From mini-playtest (Version 0.11.4) Saturday:

- Game Mode: I would certainly play on servers with this game, I think it would work especially well on smaller maps/lower player count servers
- Game Mode: Needs some easy to interpret custom HUD elements to show state of game from player's perspective
- Game Mode: Without friendly squad HUD indicators, need to make sure factions are easily identifiable (however, this goes for vanilla OHD too to be honest)
- Kit Unlocking via XP: Seemed to work fine for me
- Inventory Management: Some small bugs (may not be specifically MOD related), but generally worked as I would expect

I think the game mode itself would be fun enough to be split off and run with standard kits (maybe reduced selection depending on map used).

Very promising!  Hopefully you can get a larger scale test with the OHD dev team at some point. 🙂

Response from the author:

oh just saw your message when i uploaded a new version, i'll respond in detail in OHD discord (prob in the kotz thread) it'll be easier for a convo, i have a few question, specifically about what wasnt working with the custom inventory

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