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When Playing "Tidal" do not put excessive amounts of bots as they have very good vision, unless you want to I guess. you've been warned...

**Make sure you extract to a folder called "Spartan_faction" in your Mods folder**

A conversion mod brining in elements of the HALO universe to Operation: Harshdoorstop. This is very early in development and I am extremely new to modding video games ( about a week or so of experience) it needs some good polish but id like to get it out to you to play with while I continue working on it. there are a few guns already in as well as 4 factions and I plan to add much more in the future, as well as a lore appropriate Opfor faction eventually. Please feel free to comment or message me with any feedback or suggestions!. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to the following for your assistance!

Brentonimo for the long shore map mesh and textures!

Archsider for the custom faction flags!

Uriah for the Ammo counter shader and VISR Overlay!

Edited by Gman228

What's New in Version 1.1.7   See changelog



- Second Pass at "Longshore" lighting, now closer to final daytime appearance

- Added custom faction flags! Thank you @Archsider#7469 for your creating the images!

- Added Fireteam Azure to contrast Fireteam Crimson for spartan vs spartan games

- Adjusted multiple emissives to make them less jarring

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· Edited by joey2498

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This is obviously WIP but what's there is really good. I love the franchise and would love to see Halo expanded upon with OHD. One suggestion I have is to upload a color variant so that we can have Spartan vs Spartan matches similar to halo multiplayer. 

Response from the author:

working on that right now actually!

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· Edited by dylanbuckley

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would be cool to get a unsc,spartan, odst mixed faction

Response from the author:

That's the plan just need to get some decent marine models in. Then ill replace the Green Spartans with Blue so you can still do Spartan VS Spartan matches.

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Looking sick man! Probably one of the best mods for O:HD out there

Response from the author:

Thank you!!

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Tho the spartan pistol's a lot harder to aim, I tried this before the update and still liked it, this is great work for someone who's new to modding, keep it up buddy 🙂

Response from the author:

Thanks, yeah i understand they are difficult to aim with. I'm trying to figure out a good way to implement sights on specific weapons.

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Its good and amazing but the AR Is a blob and dont have textures its just shaped like a AR from HALO

Response from the author:

Yes there's a issue with the imported model, its fixed in the next update. Still needs a fixed reload animation though.

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