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Spruce Island, Alaska (Highly unfinished, Work in progress) 1.0.0

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About This File

Highly unfinished map with a huge land area (4km x 4km) based on a random island in Alaska near Kodiak called Spruce Island. The terrain looked interesting so I decided to use it as a height map. The flag locations are obviously not final and this is being uploaded technically just so people can explore the map so far and see the potential of what it could be like if it were properly finished. This map will definitely shine with combined arms game play, and transport vehicles. The roads are also highly unfinished and are simply there to indicate where a road will be if the map were properly finished. Just keep in mind that EVERYTHING is unfinished. I encourage everyone to properly walk around the map and explore it. Use console command "slomo 5" to increase your run speed so it doesn't take as long to run across the map.

I envision this map being a carrier map in it's final form. (Russia attacks from a carrier). There will be many points of interest such as a small town, a medium sized airfield/airbase, and a hydro-electric dam. (Block out versions of the dam and airfield are already in the map.)

The factions in this mod are custom in a sense. It takes place in a fictional war between Russia & USA in the late 1990s where Russian forces are attacking Alaska in a WW3 style scenario. My main inspiration for this map was Bad Company 2's single player campaign taking place in part of Alaska. The skins are custom re textures by my friend, and will likely be replaced with proper reskins, or redone entirely.

ATTENTION: I need people who would be willing to help create log cabin style/Alaska style buildings. If you want more details on what they should look like, you can always message me. This map will truly shine with some custom structures. Honestly that's all I really need to properly finish the map. I can do the rest. (You will receive proper credit) But I am not a modeller in any sense of the word, and If someone sees this map and takes any interest in it, don't be afraid to reach out if you want to help.


How to open the map:

type/paste this in console: open AAS-Spruce_Island2




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how do u make this work

its wont extract like all the other mods

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Looks like a good map but the zip file is corrupt and if you somehow get lucky and extract it in your mods folder it doesnt work


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Gives me arma vibes love the big maps. 👌

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