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Operation: Casual Warfare - A casual gameplay overhaul for Operation: Harsh Doorstop 0.2

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This mod aims to provide a Call Of Duty, or Battlefield style casual gameplay mode for Operation Harsh Doorstop. While other free casual shooters exist, they're likely a non-realistic theme, and riddled with microtransactions. This mod aims to allow anyone who doesn't want to spend money experience the experience of these games for free.



- Tactical slide by sprinting and then crouching, a staple of modern casual shooters. (Also includes slide cancelling)

Hit Markers

- Casual shooters let you know if your hits are registering, so I've added markers for hits, and kills, with a special sound for headshots


- A crosshair lets you quickly hipfire close up targets, and help you align shots before aiming.

Higher TTK

- TTK is very fast, so I raised it to make engagements more competitive, so camping isn't fully meta.

Movement QOL

- Added many minor QOL changes to make movement more smooth, such as sprinting making you leave prone and crouch, and ability to control mid air movement

Fast Paced

- Movement is generally faster, and jumps are generally higher, have fun jumping around like crazy.

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What's New in Version 0.0.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I love this MOD!  It just changes the feel completely.

I could certainly see this used "as is" on a small scale 8v8 CQ map, like for TDM when you just want to chill and have a quick game.

A slightly toned down version, maybe with addition of larger green squad HUD markers and perhaps other hints/markers/minimap would be a great way to run a noob friendly server to get people into the game - as that would be more inviting that the base game experience.

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Simple but game changing mod! Can't wait so see more updates 🙂

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great a must .

but the sniper doesn ot work plz fix

Response from the author:

sadly thats out of my hand, the sniper is bugged on the current build, but is fixed on latest build thats not live yet

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doesnt work for me


Response from the author:

I don't know why you'd leave a 1 star review just because you failed to download the mod properly, please check the discord or watch a tutorial on how to install mods

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just washed your vid on these mods would like to know how to enable on a dedicated server

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I love this mod and cant wait to see more update but while playing i thought of a lot more things that could be possibly added. (red/green diamonds over players so you know what team they are on. "killfeed" for when you or other real online players get a kill. minimap of some type or compass showing direction of objective. "pings" that can mark areas of hostiles. "call of duty like magazines" your ammo count will display your current magazines amount. Those are just a few things i thought of while playing and i know that this mod and game are in early development so hopefully these help ideas :)

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