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Test Pack for modders, Gameplay and UI features (uncooked source files) 0.0.1

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What's New in Version 0.0.1   See changelog


This is a sort of unfinished test bed for additional FPS features that are more "arcade-like" such as player names, health bars, ammo counter, hit markers, etc.  Note that some of these are either in previous OHD versions or may have new systems coming later ; I will attempt to adapt/integrate these features with those systems where possible, but as of right now most HUD elements are separate additions to the primary game HUD.  Keep in mind, very basic stuff, mainly to get the Blueprint scripting functional first and then gradually improve in future iterations.


Beginning modders, like myself, may be interested in how the Blueprint scripting works for these features or how to use similar scripting to adapt to their own work. 


Note that none of this should be viewed as finalized, optimized or anything like that, it's primarily for learning and ideally will be expanded upon as well as grow alongside core OHD features.  As an example, one of the next things to work on is for the enemy HUD's to only be visible under certain viewing and/or action conditions (i.e. no wall hax 🙂 ) - though one early goal is to include some debugging features to evaluate gameplay features, but I would like to switch between a debug mode and an actual "normal play" mode.  Load the included test map to see the features as well as slightly different pacing and gunplay that leans closer to Battlefield.


If you are just getting started as modder, load this up in the SDK and take a look at the mod's files to see what was added and in some cases, compare with OHD core files to see what was changed.


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