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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

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Really excited for this, I honestly would love a tactical shooter like this because the opportunity is limitless and it takes the best and worst of all theaters. Keep doing what you do good sir many will appreciate this.

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Jason Lou

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Best fps in 2022. It contains ww2, cold war and modern warfare. The texture is amazing as you can see dirts and leaves on the ground in a clear visual. The combat is great as well, most guns have good sound effect and reload animation. Enemy can kill you with 2 or 3 bullets if you do not pay attention. You can choose any factions you want on any maps. Expect some AI glitch and small performance issue, the game is great as an alpha version of OHD. Keep hard working devs.  

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I just did 2 games in Operation Invictus , and i see the potential of the game who is just in pre alpha. Graphics are good, not too bad optimised for a pre alpha, smooth in mouvement but sometimes really strange, not realistic or natural. The game is free, in demo, he reminds a lot Projet Reality but in much more noob friendly without thorow the hardcore ambiance of Insurgency, Project Reality or Hell let Loose.

Bots are not too bad but they stay bots. With this 1 hour session, i felt fun and stress, not frustration compare to some games like Warzone.

I will play more at game and i hope too see more update for the game.

Thx Bluedrake and to all the team behind this huge project, your philosophy really inspire me in my real life, so thanks you for what you done.

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It’s an ok game. I just kinda of wish there was a weapon customization option…

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I have no idea why people would ever speak poorly of this game. I just don't get it. A group of people get together and say, "Hey, let's make a FPS game for free and let's make it wide open to modders to see what their creative minds can come up with." Meanwhile Blue Drake has to pin on Steam a response from the developers to all the griping and whining coming from those who've tried it. I scratch my head in disbelief. I am thankful that many in the community are getting behind such a good effort as this. When I first tried it out with PMC vs. Insurgents it reminded me of the good ol' days of the original Star Wars Battlefront that showed up on a demo disc in my original Xbox magazine. I played the Endor battlefield over and over, just waiting for the final game to show up. When it did, all maps were available along with all classes ... ah the good ol' days. Operation HD reminds me of those better days. This is what I'm going to be doing with this game - playing maps over and over, waiting for the final product, given to us for FREE with all the maps available and all the classes open.

Keep up the good work team and kindly disregard the idiots in the back row.

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Beautifull my pc couldnt handle squad but so far so good with OHD cant wait for multiplayer

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Just make sure the level and unlock system is interesting and balanced. Doing this is difficult but necessary. Ensuring that there is no way to skip the level and unlock is important. Just look at warzone and how you can unlock a bunch of guns for 60 bucks each game.

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Having countless hours on hell let loose and squad i really look forward to this game. It looks beautiful and i really see potential in this becoming something big. Great work!

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Loving it

Great Job To All!!

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Can't wait to see this, i reckon this will be the best F2P out there, great to see somebody fed up of poor F2P games out there to make their own that focus on fun and not profits.

Just dont add a Battlepass or P2W, and add Steam workshop or a in-game mod browser and this will be golden.

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Really excited about this , Ravenfield was my most eatched game on youtube . Before this came out , i really hope this game will be popular.

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i mean its not bad just feals really clunky and the weapone zoom is not that good but the core game looks nice pls fix da demo tho

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The demo release is a several month old build that has several issues such as animation inconsistencies and as well the gameplay is super janky. The gameplay at its core isn't satisfying and it has several issues, the weapon system is broken with the ability to go up to a wall and shoot when its clipping trough it to the opposite side. The AI is insanely robotic as they walk from point to point instead of having motion planning. Several animations are not properly mixed and the 3rd person animations are incorrectly mixed with the first person ones. The sound design is bad, several guns that shoot the same ammunition have drastically different sounds for no apparent reason. The weapon recoil is unrealistic + unsatisfactory and sometimes doesn't even make any sense. For first impressions this is really bad as it showcases that this game should have had more time in development to address these all issues since no matter if its a demo or a beta release it will impact the perception of the game later on. I believe this has potential but in its current state its not good, its not even decent, its downright god awful. Please do not post that you will kill battlefield while at the same time releasing a worse product than the battlefield 2042 closed beta. 


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What is this? I became a Rifleman so I could download, and there's nothing to download? 

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I love playin this when I'm just bored and wanna just do some pointless shootin, but my god it needs integral features of tactical fps'. for example: it needs a 'check mag' function before I lose my mind tryna figure out how much is left in my clip all the time, even just a simple number or an object that highlights how spent my mag is or something. Vault mechanic, even something basic as Insurgency's, I can't count the number of times I ran and jumped at a low wall thinking I could get over it (and Drake's fixed most of it with the newest update). (optional) A command function for the bots to follow the player character, have a squad of bots to even shield you. And the bolt-action's need to be sped tf UP. I'm tired of lookin at the rifle waiting for him to cock the damn bolt, it's slower than a cheap quality Nagant ffs (and FIX THE DAMN STRIPPER CLIPS! they had them in WW1!)

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