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Game Modes

Game modes for Operation: Harsh Doorstop.

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  1. Horde survival

    How to install:
    1. Locate Operation: Harsh Doorstop install folder (C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Harsh Doorstop)
    2. Locate mods folder inside the install directory ([install path]\HarshDoorstop\Mods). If the folder is missing create a new one called Mods
    3. Download and extract ZombieMod.zip into the Mods folder


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  2. OHD_KotH King of the Hill (Dev logs / WIP / Not released)

    You can follow progress, by clicking the "Follow" button at the top right of this mod's webpage
    I'll send updates for the first Public Playtest, so follow if you want to be notified.

    Updates are slower because i had to rewrite core systems.
    And implement logging system in preparation for Playtests: so nothing Fancy to show

    This will serve as a Dev logs to share the progress.
    Feel free to comment or ping me on OHD discord kaiz#1942
    Koth Dev Log
    Version 0.01
       - 3 Teams are now working
          (In the Screenshot the Factions soldiers from left to right : Russian Insurgents UnitedStates )
       - Deploy menu : Choose one the 3 teams / Selecting their kits
       - Capture zone logic ( as well as its Map UI : the blue circle)
       - GUI widget at the top of the screen, *the Looks are just placeholder do not judge 😄 programmer art*
          Total players in the Server / Player currently inside the zone / Score : number of time the team was in numerical superiority and earned XP / XP : For the zone control and kills (WIP))
       - Progression with XP that allow for Guns unlock (Very WIP, saving is working, just have to do the UI)

    Version 0.02

    All temporary kits present for the first Playtest, We will need to test all the kits so in roughly 30 Min every kit will be Available.
    In the future i plan to add all the weapons available (and even Modded faction from other modders, WarriorJ already given his consent) and ofc make the progression way slower.
    Main weapons for each kits :M9Beretta,Glock19,SKS,MP5,AK47,M16A2,M60,AK74GL,AT4,HK417 Scoped
    Rest of loadout for each kits: Primary (Main weapon OR MP5 for the AT kit) , Pistol (Glock19 OR AT4 for AT kit OR GL) , 2 Grenade , 2 Smokes, 4 bandages



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